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Options for resizing volumes

You can use the Volume Resize wizard to change your volume size, adjust the Snapshot reserve, delete Snapshot copies, and dynamically view the results of your changes.

The Volume Resize wizard displays a bar graph that displays the current space allocations within the volume, including the amount of used and free space. When you make changes to the size or Snapshot reserve of the volume, this graph is updated dynamically to reflect the changes.

You can also use the Calculate space button to determine the amount of space that is freed by deleting selected Snapshot copies. This operation is not supported on an Infinite Volume.

You cannot use System Manager to resize Infinite Volumes with storage classes. Instead, you can use OnCommand Workflow Automation.

You can use the Volume Resize wizard to make the following changes to your volume:

Change the volume size
You can change the total volume size to increase or decrease storage space. You cannot reduce the size of an Infinite Volume.
Adjust Snapshot reserve
You can adjust the amount of space reserved for Snapshot copies to increase or decrease storage space.
Delete Snapshot copies
You can delete Snapshot copies to reclaim volume space.
Note: Snapshot copies that are in use cannot be deleted.
Assign aggregates to Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs) with Infinite Volume
You can assign specific aggregates to the SVM so that the Infinite Volume will use those specific aggregates and not use any aggregate in the cluster.
You can specify the limit to which the volume can be grown automatically, if required.