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Service Processors window

You can use the Service Processors window to view and modify Service Processors attributes, such as the IP address, network mask (IPv4) or prefix-length (IPv6), and gateway, and to configure the IP source for a Service Processor.

Command buttons

Opens the Edit Service Processor dialog box, which enables you to modify the IP address, network mask (IPv4) or prefix-length (IPv6), and gateway information of a Service Processor.
Global Settings
Opens the Global Settings dialog box, which allows you to configure the source of IP address for all your Service Processors as one of the following: DHCP, subnet, or manual.
Updates the information in the window.

Service processors list

Specifies the node on which the Service Processor is located.
IP Address
Specifies the IP addresses of the Service Processor.
Specifies the status the Service Processor, which can be online, offline, daemon offline, node offline, degraded, rebooted, or unknown.
MAC Address
Specifies the MAC address of the Service Processor.

Details area

The area below the Service Processor list displays detailed information about the Service Processor, including network details, such as the IP address, network mask (IPv4) or prefix-length (IPv6), gateway, IP source, and MAC address, as well as general details, such as the firmware version and whether automatic update of the firmware is enabled.