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Splitting a FlexClone volume from its parent volume

If you want a FlexClone volume to have its own disk space rather than using that of its parent volume, you can split the volume from its parent by using System Manager. After the split, the FlexClone volume becomes a normal FlexVol volume.

Before you begin

The FlexClone volume must be online.

About this task

The clone-splitting operation deletes all the existing Snapshot copies of the clone. The Snapshot copies that are required for SnapMirror updates are also deleted. Therefore, any further SnapMirror updates might fail.

You can pause the clone-splitting operation if you have to perform any other operation on the volume. You can resume the process after the operation is complete.


  1. Expand the Storage Virtual Machines hierarchy in the left navigation pane.
  2. In the navigation pane, select the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM), and click Storage > Volumes .
  3. Select the FlexClone volume that you want to split from its parent volume.
  4. Click Clone > Split.
  5. Confirm the clone-split operation and click Start Split in the confirmation dialog box.