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Cluster Update window

You can use the Cluster Update window to perform an automated cluster upgrade without disrupting access to client data.


Cluster Update
Enables you to perform a nondisruptive upgrade (NDU) of a cluster.
Update History
Displays the details of previous cluster updates.

Cluster Update tab

Command buttons

Updates the information in the window.
You can select the version of the software image for the update.
  • Cluster Version Details: Displays the current cluster version in use and the version details of the nodes or HA pairs.
  • Available Software Images: Enables you to select an already available software image for the update. Alternatively, you can download a software image from the NetApp Support Site and add it for the update.
You can view and validate the cluster against the software image version for the update. A pre-update validation checks whether the cluster is in a state that is ready for an update. If the validation is completed with errors, a table displays the status of the various components and the required corrective action for the errors.

You can perform the update only when the validation is completed successfully.

You can update all the nodes in the cluster or an HA pair in the cluster to the selected version of the software image. While the update is in progress, you can choose to pause and then either cancel or resume the update.

If an error occurs, the update is paused and an error message is displayed with the remedial steps. You can choose to either resume the update after performing the remedial steps or cancel the update. You can view the table with the node name, uptime, state, and Data ONTAP version when the update is successfully completed.

Update History tab

Update History list

Image Version
Specifies the version of Data ONTAP image that the node will be updated to.
Software Updates Installed on
Specifies the type of disk on which the updates are installed.
Specifies the status of the software image update, whether it is successful or cancelled.
Start Time
Specifies the time when the update was started.
Completion Time
Specifies the time when the update was completed.

This field is hidden by default.

Time Taken for the Update
Specifies the time taken for the update to complete.
Previous Version
Specifies the Data ONTAP version of the node before the update.
Updated Version
Specifies the Data ONTAP version of the node after the update.