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Managing whether the CIFS server automatically advertises DFS capabilities

You can set a CIFS server option to determine whether CIFS servers automatically advertise DFS capabilities to SMB 2.x and SMB 3.0 clients connecting to shares. You can disable automatic advertisements in cases where you have applications that will not make connections to shares that advertise DFS capabilities.

About this task

Clustered Data ONTAP uses DFS referrals in the implementation of symbolic links for SMB access. You should keep the following in mind when deciding whether to enable or disable this option:

Clients that are connected to shares where symbolic link access is disabled might not be able to access these shares after the CIFS server option is disabled. This is because the clients have cached information that the CIFS server is DFS capable, and it is no longer advertising that it is. This causes reconnections to SMB shares to fail. There are two ways to manage this:


  1. Set the privilege level to advanced: set -privilege advanced
  2. Configure the DFS referral option setting: vserver cifs options modify -vserver vserver_name -is-advertise-dfs-enabled {true|false}
  3. Verify that the option is set to the desired value: vserver cifs options show -vserver vserver_name
  4. Return to the admin privilege level: set -privilege admin