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Backing up Cloud ONTAP system and configuration data

Before you upgrade a Cloud ONTAP system, a cluster configuration backup file should be available. You should also create an EBS snapshot of the boot and root EBS volumes. Having these backups enables you to recover your system if necessary.


  1. Ensure that a recent Cloud ONTAP cluster configuration backup file is available on a remote server.
    If the NetApp Support instance is running in AWS, then a recent backup file is already available. Cloud ONTAP automatically replicates configuration backup files to the NetApp Support instance every eight hours.
    If you stopped the NetApp Support instance, you should upload a backup to a remote server. You can do so from the Cloud ONTAP CLI by using the system configuration backup commands, which are available at the advanced privilege level.
  2. Create EBS snapshots of the root and boot disks by stopping and then restarting the Cloud ONTAP instance from Cloud Manager:
    1. On the Resources page for the working environment, click the menu icon, and then click Turn Off Cloud ONTAP.
    2. Keep the option to create EBS snapshots enabled, and then click Turn Off.
    3. After the instance stops, click the icon to restart the instance.
    You can also take the EBS snapshots using the script, which is available on the NetApp Support instance.
    Using the AWS EC2 console to create the EBS snapshots is not recommended because of the following reasons:
    • The console allows you to create the snapshots on a running instance (the Cloud ONTAP instance must be stopped).
    • The snapshots are not tagged so that the NetApp Support instance tools can use them to recover an instance.