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Incident Details page

This page displays detailed information about a new or obsolete incident for the selected cluster. It shows when the incident was detected, which workloads are involved, the cluster component in contention, and other information you can use to analyze and resolve the incident.


Last Updated displays the date and time when you last refreshed the page in your browser.


Displays the ID of this incident and the name of the cluster on which the incident was detected. The following is the format of the ID, separated by hyphens:
  • Incident type: p=performance
  • Root cause type: eb=external bully volume, which is a user-defined workload.
  • Name of the cluster involved.
  • Cluster component in contention: nw=network, pg=policy group, np=network processing, ci-cluster interconnect, dp=data processing, ag=aggregate, un=unknown
  • Event ID: Numeric ID of the event stored in Performance Manager.
Note: You can make a note of the incident ID in case you want to search for it later.