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What events are

Events are incidents or configuration changes related to workloads on a cluster.

The configuration changes may or may not contribute to an incident. You can use the events to identify and respond to performance issues and review configuration changes that might have contributed to an incident.

When Performance Manager detects multiple occurrences of the same recurring event condition for the same cluster component, it treats all occurrences as a single event, not as separate events.

Event types

Performance Manager can detect the following types of events:
  • Incidents are issues that are the result of failures or errors in an IT infrastructure. The cause of incidents might be a simple issue that corrects itself over a period of time or can be addressed with a repair or configuration change. In Performance Manager, an incident indicates workloads on a system running clustered Data ONTAP that are slow due to other workloads with high usage of shared cluster components. If the response time of the impacted workloads does not return to normal levels, you might need to take corrective action to resolve the incident.
  • Changes are the addition, modification, or removal of storage objects in an IT infrastructure. In Performance Manager, a change is an addition, modification, or deletion of a logical or physical storage object in a system running clustered Data ONTAP. A change that impacts the performance of one or more workloads might be a contributor to an incident.