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Viewing incidents

You can view new and obsolete incidents on the Dashboard and the Volume Details page. You can view more detailed information about an incident on the Incident Details page.

Before you begin

There are new or obsolete incidents.


  1. On the Dashboard, locate an new incident you want to analyze.
    Note: Under Filters, you can select specific clusters or detection times for which to display incidents.
  2. Click the incident name link.
    The incident is displayed on the Incident Details page.
  3. Review the Incident Details page to identify the following information about the incident:
    • ID of the incident.
    • Name of the cluster on which the incident occurred.
    • Time and date it was detected.
    • Current state: new or obsolete
    • The volumes, workloads, and cluster component involved. If a single volume is involved, you can click the volume name link to view details about the incident on the Volume Details page.