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Using a load-sharing mirror to balance loads

A load-sharing mirror reduces the network traffic to a FlexVol volume by providing additional read-only access to clients. You can create and manage load-sharing mirrors to distribute read-only traffic away from a FlexVol volume. Load-sharing mirrors do not support Infinite Volumes.

A set of load-sharing mirrors consists of a source volume that can fan out to one or more destination volumes. Each load-sharing mirror in the set must belong to the same Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) as the source volume of the set. The load-sharing mirrors should also be created on different aggregates and accessed by different nodes in the cluster to achieve proper load balancing of client requests.
Note: A source volume can have only one set of load-sharing mirrors.

A load-sharing mirror is mounted in the same area of the SVM namespace as its source volume. This is useful for frequently read, but infrequently updated data, such as shared binary files. For example, you can set up one or more load-sharing mirrors to a source volume that is mounted at the /bin directory. Client requests to read the binaries on that volume are routed to the load-sharing mirrors, not to the source volume.