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Determining whether load-sharing mirrors are up-to-date

You can determine whether load-sharing mirrors are up to date by using the snapmirror show command and looking at the exported-snapshot field. You might do this to ensure that all of the load-sharing mirrors in the set get updated after an update.

About this task

If a load-sharing mirror is lagging behind the most up-to-date load-sharing mirror in the set, the exported-snapshot field shows a dash (-).


  1. Use the snapmirror show command with the -fields option to list the status of load-sharing mirrors for a particular source volume.
    The following example lists the load-sharing mirrors for the source volume named dept_eng and shows the load-sharing mirrors that are lagging behind the up-to-date mirrors (identified by the dash in the exported-snapshot field).
    cluster1::> snapmirror show -fields type,exported-snapshot 
    -S clus1://vs1/dept_eng 
    source-path           destination-path          type exported-snapshot 
    --------------------- ------------------------- ---- ----------------- 
    clust1://vs1/dept_eng clust1://vs1/dept_eng_ls1 LS   -                 
    clust1://vs1/dept_eng clust1://vs1/dept_eng_ls2 LS   -                 
    clust1://vs1/dept_eng clust1://vs1/dept_eng_ls3 LS   -                 
    clust1://vs1/dept_eng clust1://vs1/dept_eng_ls4 LS   snapmirror.5_2147484688.2010-04-16_173522
    clust1://vs1/dept_eng clust1://vs1/dept_eng_ls5 LS   -                 
    clust1://vs1/dept_eng clust1://vs1/dept_eng_ls6 LS   snapmirror.5_2147484688.2010-04-16_173522 
    clust1://vs1/dept_eng clust1://vs1/dept_eng_ls7 LS   -                 
    7 entries were displayed.
    Note: You can use one or more snapmirror show command options to list more specific information about a set of load-sharing mirrors. See the snapmirror show command in the Clustered Data ONTAP Data Protection Guide for more information.