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Installing the license for using array LUNs

The V_StorageAttach license must be installed on each Data ONTAP node that you want to use with array LUNs. It is not a single license for the cluster. Array LUNs cannot be used in aggregates until a license is installed.

Before you begin

About this task

You do not need to perform this procedure if the license key for the V_StorageAttach package is already installed. Clustered Data ONTAP systems must be ordered with disks, and typically the factory installs the license package for you. Alternatively, many customers install all necessary licenses early in the installation process.


  1. For each Data ONTAP node in the cluster for use with array LUNs, enter the following command on the node: system license add license key
    vgv3170f41a> license
    Serial Number: nnnnnnnn
    Owner: mysystem1a
    Package           Type    Description           Expiration
    ----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------
    V_StorageAttach   license Virtual Attached Storage 
  2. Look at the output to confirm that the V_StorageAttach package is shown.