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How you use the wildcard character with the disk ownership commands

You can use the wildcard character (*) with some commands, including commands to manage disk ownership. However, you should understand how Data ONTAP expands the wildcard character.

You can use the wildcard character with the following disk ownership commands:

When you use the wildcard character with these commands, Data ONTAP expands it with zero or more characters to create a list of disk names that will be operated on by the command. This can be very useful when you want to assign all of the disks attached to a particular port or switch, for example.

Note: Be careful when you use the wildcard character. It is accepted anywhere in the disk name string, and is a simple string substitution. Therefore, you might get unexpected results.

For example, to assign all disks on port 1 of the switch brocade23 to node03, you would use the following command: storage disk assign -disk brocade23:1.* -owner node03

However, if you left off the second "." as in the following command, you would assign all disks attached to ports 1, 10, 11, 12, and so on: storage disk assign -disk brocade23:1* -owner node03