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How FlexVol volumes and Infinite Volumes share aggregates

Aggregates can be shared among the volumes in a cluster. Each aggregate can contain multiple FlexVol volumes alongside multiple constituents of Infinite Volumes.

When you create an Infinite Volume, constituents of the Infinite Volume are placed on aggregates that are assigned to its containing Storage Virtual Machine (SVM). If the SVM with Infinite Volume includes aggregates that contain FlexVol volumes, one or more of the Infinite Volume's constituents might be placed on aggregates that already include FlexVol volumes, if those aggregates meet the requirements for hosting Infinite Volumes.

Similarly, when you create a FlexVol volume, you can associate that FlexVol volume with an aggregate that is already being used by an Infinite Volume.

The following diagram illustrates aggregate sharing in a four-node cluster that includes both FlexVol volumes and an Infinite Volume. The Infinite Volume uses the aggregates aggrA, aggrB, aggrC, aggrD, aggrE, and aggrG even though the aggregates aggrB, aggrC, and aggrG already provide storage to FlexVol volumes. (For clarity, the individual constituents that make up the Infinite Volume are not shown.)

Shows how FlexVol volumes and an Infinite Volume share aggregates