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Determining which volumes reside on an aggregate

You might need to determine which FlexVol volumes or Infinite Volume constituents reside on an aggregate before performing operations on the aggregate, such as relocating it or taking it offline.

About this task

Infinite Volume constituents are somewhat similar to FlexVol volumes, but you usually do not manage them directly. For more information about Infinite Volumes and constituents, see the Clustered Data ONTAP Infinite Volumes Management Guide.


  1. Enter the appropriate command, depending on whether your system has Infinite Volumes:
    If your system... Then use this command...
    Does not have Infinite Volumes volume show -aggregate aggregate_name
    Has Infinite Volumes volume show -is-constituent * -aggregate aggregate_name
    All volumes (and, if you have Infinite Volumes, constituents) that reside on the specified aggregate are displayed.