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Creating port sets and binding igroups to port sets

You have the option of using port sets to limit which LIFs can be used by an initiator to access a LUN.

Before you begin

You must have created a LIF and an igroup.

About this task

If you do not bind a port set to an igroup, then all the initiators in the igroup can access mapped LUNs through all the LIFs.


  1. Use the portset create command to create a port set containing the appropriate LIFs.
    portset create -vserver vs3 -portset portset0 -protocol iscsi -port-name lif0 lif1
  2. Use the lun igroup bind command to bind an existing igroup to a port set.
    lun igroup bind -vserver vs3 -igroup igroup1 -portset portset0
  3. Use the portset show command to verify your port sets and LIFs.
    portset show -vserver vs3
    Vserver   Portset   Protocol Port Names    Igroups
    --------- --------- -------- ------------- --------
    vs3       portset0  iscsi    lif0,lif1     igroup1