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Creating SnapLock traditional volumes

You can create SnapLock traditional volumes to retain compliance or archival data.

Before you begin


  1. Create a SnapLock traditional volume by entering the following command: vol create trad_vol -L snaplock_type ndisks[@disksize]

    trad_vol is the new traditional volume name.

    ndisks is the number of disks.

    disksize is the size of the disk.

    snaplock_type can be compliance or enterprise.

    Note: The volume ComplianceClock gets initialized automatically when you create a SnapLock volume.
  2. Verify that the newly created SnapLock volume exists by entering the following command: vol status
    sys1> vol status
               Volume     State      Status          Options
               vol0       online     raid_dp, flex   root       32-bit
               wormvol    online     raid_dp, trad   no_atime_update=on,