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Scheduling SnapVault update backups on the SnapVault secondary storage system

For each SnapVault volume Snapshot copy set that you scheduled on your primary storage system , you can schedule a set of transfers and the subsequent Snapshot copies of the SnapVault secondary storage system.


  1. Enter the following command: snapvault snap sched -x sec_vol snap_name count [@day_list][@hour_list]
    Note: Before scheduling SnapVault Snapshot copies, ensure that the SnapLock default retention period is set correctly or that you explicitly set the retention period when you schedule SnapVault Snapshot copies.
    The -x parameter causes SnapVault to copy new or modified data from the primary qtrees to their associated qtrees on the secondary storage system. After all the secondary qtrees on the specified volume have been updated, SnapVault creates a Snapshot copy of this volume for archiving.
    count is the number of Snapshot copies you want to retain for this set. If the value is 0, no Snapshot copies are taken. If the value is not 0, Snapshot copies are taken and no Snapshot copies are automatically deleted.
    @day_list is a comma-separated list that specifies the days on which a new Snapshot copy is created for this set.
    @hour_list specifies the hours at which a new Snapshot copy is created for this set.
    Snapshot copy base names on the primary and secondary systems must match, but Snapshot copy times and number of stored Snapshot copies can differ.