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Scheduling SnapVault update backups on the primary storage system

You can configure a schedule for Snapshot copies on both the primary and the SnapVault secondary storage systems. You can set the schedules to an hourly, weekly, or nightly basis.


  1. On each primary storage system that contains qtrees to be backed up to a SnapVault secondary storage system, schedule the Snapshot copies on each volume that contains the backed-up qtrees by using the following command: snapvault snap sched volume_name snap_name schedule_spec
    For each set of Snapshot copies, specify the volume name, Snapshot copy base name (for example, “sv_hourly” or “sv_nightly”), number of SnapVault Snapshot copies to store locally, and the days and hours to execute the Snapshot copies.

Examples of scheduling the Snapshot copies

Some of the specific examples of the command follow: snapvault snap sched vol1 sv_weekly 1@sat@19 snapvault snap sched vol1 sv_nightly 2@mon-fri@19 snapvault snap sched vol1 sv_hourly 11@mon-fri@7-18

Note: When specifying the SnapVault Snapshot copy base name, avoid using “hourly,” “nightly,” or “weekly.” Such naming conflicts with the non-SnapVault snap sched Snapshot copies.