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Creating SnapLock aggregates and their flexible volumes

If you are using the FlexVol feature of Data ONTAP, you can create SnapLock aggregates and flexible volumes to retain compliance or archival data.

Before you begin

About this task

SnapLock is an attribute of the aggregate; therefore, the volume contained in that aggregate inherits the aggregate’s SnapLock attributes.


  1. Create a SnapLock aggregate by entering the following command: aggr create aggrname -L snaplock_type ndisks[@disksize]

    aggrname is the new SnapLock aggregate name.

    snaplock_type can be Compliance or Enterprise.

    ndisks is the number of disks.

    disksize is the size of the disk, for example, 72 GB.

  2. Verify that the newly created SnapLock aggregate exists by entering the following command: aggr status
    aggr status aggr1
          Aggr State      Status           Options
          aggr1 online  raid_dp, aggr      snaplock_enterprise
          Volumes: vol1
  3. Create a SnapLock FlexVol volume by entering the following command: vol create wormvol aggrname size[k|m|g|t]