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na_autosupport_history - Displays and retransmits recent AutoSupports.


autosupport history show - Displays recent AutoSupport messages.

autosupport history retransmit - Selectively retransmits previously collected AutoSupports.


autosupport history show [ -fields ] [ -delivery ] [ -detail ] [ -instance ] [ -seq-num ] [ -destination ] [ -trigger ] [ -last-update ] [ -status ] [ -attempt-count ] [ -subject ] [ -uri ] [ -error ]

This command displays information about the 50 most recent AutoSupport messages sent by nodes in the cluster.

{ [-fields <fieldname>, ...]

With -fields <fieldname>, ... parameter, the command only displays the fields that you specify.

| [-delivery]

Displays destination information about each AutoSupport message.

| [-detail]

Displays trigger and subject information about each AutoSupport message.

| [-instance] }

Displays detailed information about all entries.

[-seq-num] <Sequence Number>] - AutoSupport Sequence Number

Displays only AutoSupport messages with the sequence number specified. Sequence numbers are unique to a node.

[-destination] {smtp|http|noteto|retransmit}] Destination for this AutoSupport

Displays only AutoSupport messages that were sent to the destination type specified.

[-trigger <Message Name>] - Trigger Event

Displays only AutoSupport messages that match the trigger event specified.

[-last-update <"MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS">]- Time of Last Update

Displays only AutoSupport messages that were updated most recently at the time specified. Specifies time in "MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS" format.

[-status <AutoSupport general status>] - Status of Delivery

Displays only AutoSupport messages with the status specified. Possible statuses are:

initializing - The AutoSupport message request is being processed.

collection-failed - The AutoSupport collection failed. View the `Last Error' field of this message for more information.

collection-in-progress - The AutoSupport collection is in progress.

queued - The AutoSupport message is queued for delivery.

transmitting - The AutoSupport message transmission is in progress.

sent-successful - The AutoSupport message was sent successfully.

ignore - The AutoSupport message was processed successfully, but the trigger event is not configured for delivery to the current destination type.

re-queued - The AutoSupport message transmission failed, has been re-queued, and will be retried.

transmission-failed - The AutoSupport message transmission failed, and the retry limit was exceeded.

[-attempt-count <integer>] - Delivery Attempts

Displays only AutoSupport messages that the system has attempted to send for the number of times specified. This parameter is most useful when given a range, such as ">5".

[-subject <text>] - AutoSupport Subject

Displays only AutoSupport messages of the type specified.

[-uri <text>] - Delivery URI

Displays only AutoSupport messages sent to the destination URI specified.

[-error <text>] - Last Error

Displays only AutoSupport messages that failed with the "Last Error" description specified. LP

autosupport history retransmit [ -seq-num ] [ -size-limit ] [ -uri ]

This command retransmits a locally stored AutoSupport message.

Support personnel might ask you to run this command to retransmit an AutoSupport message. You might also retransmit an AutoSupport message if you run the autosupport history show command and notice that a message was not delivered.

If you retransmit an AutoSupport message, and if support already received that message, the support system will not create a duplicate case. If, on the other hand, support did not receive that message, then the AutoSupport system will analyze the message and create a case, if necessary.

Use the autosupport history show command to display the 50 most recent AutoSupport messages, which are available for retransmission.

[-seq-num <Sequence Number>] - Autosupport Sequence Number

Specifies the sequence number of the AutoSupport message to retransmit.

[-size-limit {<integer>[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]}] Transmit Size Limit for this AutoSupport.

Specifies a size limit for the retransmitted AutoSupport message. If the message information exceeds this limit, it will be trimmed to fit the limit you specify. Omit the size limit or set it to 0 to disable it, which is useful to retransmit an AutoSupport message that was truncated by a mail or Web server due to the default size limits.

[-uri <text>] - Destination to send this AutoSupport

Specify the HTTP, HTTPS, FILE, or MAILTO uniform resource indicator (URI) to which the AutoSupport message is sent.


  The following example displays recent AutoSupport messages:

  node> autosupport history show

  Seq                                    Attempt Last
  Num   Destination Status               Count   Update
  ----- ----------- -------------------- ------- --------------------
        smtp        ignore               1       4/3/2013 01:34:29
        http        transmission-failed  15      4/3/2013 06:21:38
        noteto      ignore               1       4/3/2013 01:34:29
        smtp        ignore               1       4/3/2013 01:07:40
        http        transmission-failed  15      4/3/2013 03:42:13
        noteto      ignore               1       4/3/2013 01:07:40
        smtp        ignore               1       4/2/2013 01:15:31
        http        sent-successful      1       4/2/2013 01:15:32
        noteto      ignore               1       4/2/2013 01:15:31
        smtp        ignore               1       4/2/2013 00:59:29
        http        sent-successful      1       4/2/2013 00:59:30
        noteto      ignore               1       4/2/2013 00:59:29
        smtp        ignore               1       4/1/2013 07:49:12
        http        sent-successful      1       4/1/2013 07:49:13
        noteto      ignore               1       4/1/2013 07:49:12
        smtp        ignore               1       4/1/2013 07:38:34
        http        sent-successful      1       4/1/2013 07:38:39
        noteto      ignore               1       4/1/2013 07:38:34
  18 entries were displayed.

  This example selectively retransmits a previously collected AutoSupport to the given URI:

  node> autosupport history retransmit -seq-num 6 -uri


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