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na_bootfs - Boots file system accessor command (ADVANCED).


bootfs dir [ -r ] path

bootfs sync


The bootfs command allows content viewing of the boot device.

Using the bootfs command, you may perform the following functions. You may view the contents of your boot device via the dir subcommand. You may sync all in memory contents to the physical media via the sync subcommand.

Recursively lists directories and files.

A path starts with a /, may contain optional directories and an optional file name. Directories are separated by a /.


The bootfs command cannot be used on an HA system's partner.


The dir subcommand lists all files and subdirectories contained in the path provided. The information presented for each file and subdirectory is (in this column order) name, size, date, time, and cluster.

bootfs dir /env

   +env                                      Oct 29 2009 16:28:00  12287152
   | |env                                   2900  Oct 29 2009 17:00:10  12287155

Table of Contents