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na_cifs_homedir - Manage CIFS home directory paths.


cifs homedir

cifs homedir load [-f]

cifs homedir showuser username


The cifs homedir command lists out the current paths used by the node to search for users' CIFS home directories. These paths are kept in a configuration file at /etc/cifs_homedir.cfg. After creating or changing the entries in the file, the command cifs homedir load [-f] will cause the node to process the file. Normally the node will not load new paths if changing the list affects a user who has open files. If the -f flag is set, the new set of paths is forced into use. Data loss for users with open files is possible if the force flag is used. The command cifs homedir showuser username causes the node to look up a given user's CIFS home directory and print out its path. This command may be useful if there are multiple CIFS home directory paths and it is desired to learn which of the paths holds the user's CIFS home directory. The node's CIFS home directory name style can be displayed with the command options cifs.home_dir_namestyle. Note that if the node is set to use the "domain" home directory name style, username must be entered in the form domain/user. If the node is set to use the "mapped" home directory name style, the mapped user name must be entered. Given an NT user name, the mapped UNIX name can be obtained with the wcc command. If the "hidden" home directory name style is in use, enter username with no dollar sign.


Any changes take effect immediately


Changes are persistent across system reboots.


na_options(1), na_wcc(1), na_cifs_homedir.cfg(5)

Table of Contents