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na_coredump_segment_show - Display a list of core segments


coredump segment show
[ -instance ]
[ -segment Core Segment ]


This command displays basic information about core segments. The following fields are available:

The name of the core segment directory

The time of the panic that generated the core

The total number of core segment files

The core segment file name


Displays detailed information. The following fields are displayed:

Core segment file name

Node that owns the core segment file

System Id of the node that generated the

MD5 checksum of the compressed data of
the core segment file

Name of the core segment

Total number of core segments for the
core file

Timestamp of the panic that triggered the
core segment

-segment Core Segment
Displays information about the specified core segment. If segment is a directory, the command displays the information for the first core segment file. If segment is a file, the command displays the file information. Otherwise, all core segments for the node are displayed.


This displays the core segments.

  toaster> coredump segment show
       Node: toaster

                 Segment Directory: core.118049106.2012-01-05.17_11_11
                        Panic Time: 1/5/2012 12:11:11
                Number of Segments: 2
                 Segment File Name:
       2 entries were displayed.

  This displays the detail information for core segment file,

  toaster::>coredump segment show -segment  -instance

                                                     Node: toaster
                                             Core Segment:
                     Node That Owns the Core Segment File: toaster
                    System ID of Node That Generated Core: 118049106
       Md5 Checksum of the Compressed Data of the Core Segment: 1a936d805dcd4fd5f1180fa6464fdee4
                                 Name of the Core Segment: ontap
                             Number of Segments Generated: 2
                        Time of Panic That Generated Core: 1/5/2012 12:11:11



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