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na_download - Sets a newly-installed version of Data ONTAP as the default boot image for subsequent reboots.


download [ -d ]


This command is deprecated. Use software update instead.

If a version of Data ONTAP was previously installed using the software command, the download command sets that version as the default boot image during the next clean shutdown.

After the node reboots, the version of the newly-installed software can be verified with the version command.


The download command only applies to the node on which the command is entered. The download command is explicitly not allowed in takeover mode.

When using the download command on an HA system, the command must be entered on each node so that all nodes will boot with the same version of Data ONTAP.


This option is available at the "advanced" privilege level and may be used to install a service image package. Depending on system load, the operation may take several minutes to finish. If executing the command from the console, the console will be unavailable until the command finishes. The download operation may be cancelled with Ctrl-C in the first 6 seconds.


na_software(1), na_version(1), na_partner(1), na_boot(5).

Table of Contents