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na_memerr - Prints memory errors.



memerr -v

memerr -h


memerr prints the history of memory (appliance's RAM) errors since boot. This can be useful in diagnosing memory problems or determining which DIMM, if any, might need replacement. Some correctable ECC errors are to be expected under normal operation, but many more occurring on a particular DIMM may indicate a problem.

The printout includes correctable, 1 bit ECC memory errors (CECC errors). It shows the number of these errors per DIMM. If applicable, it prints a message indicating multiple errors have occurred at the same physical address in memory. When this happens, we recommend that the user replace the affected DIMM because it is more likely to generate uncorrectable errors.

If the v option is given, a record of the most recent errors is printed, including the physical slot of the DIMM, the physical address, and the time. If this error history is full, a message indicating this will be printed. This does not mean the error counts per DIMM are affected.

If correctable ECC errors are not being reported by ONTAP, it will print a message indicating this. ONTAP only turns off reporting of CECC errors when they occur at very high frequency.


Prints individual correctable ECC error records.

Prints the usage.

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