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na_restore_backup - Commands for restoring backup through network in an HA pair configuration.


restore_backup command argument ...


In an HA pair configuration, during the procedure of the target node's boot device replacement, restore_backup sends the restore backup file from the partner node to the target node through the network to restore the configuration file on the target node after the target node is reinstalled.

restore_backup first mounts the target node /mroot over the partner node /partner directory, and then security copies the restore backup file from /partner/etc/varfs.tgz on the partner to /var/home/root/varfs.tgz on the target node. restore_backup will time out if the ssh server doesn't respond. IP of the target node should be the IP address that used for Netbooting install.


restore_backup IP or hostname of the target node


The restore_backup command can only be used in HA configurations where the partner node has taken over the target node.


/var/home/root/.ssh ssh configuration directory

Table of Contents