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na_rtsold - Router solicitation daemon


rtsold [ -dD1 ] interface

rtsold [ -dD1 ] -a

rtsold -k


is the daemon program to send ICMPv6 Router Solicitation messages on the specified interfaces. If a node (re)attaches to a link, rtsold sends some Router Solicitations on the link destined to the link-local scope all-routers multicast address to discover new routers and to get non link-local addresses.

rtsold should be used on IPv6 host non-router node only.

Specifically, rtsold sends at most 3 Router Solicitations on an interface after one of the following events:

Just after invocation of rtsold daemon.

The interface is up after a temporary interface failure.

rtsold detects such failures by periodically probing to see if the status of the interface is active or not. Note that some network cards and drivers do not allow the extraction of link state. In such cases, rtsold cannot detect the change of the interface status.

Once rtsold sends a Router Solicitation, and receives a valid Router Advertisement, it refrains from sending additional solicitations on that interface, until the next time one of the above events occurs.

When sending a Router Solicitation on an interface, rtsold includes a Source Link-layer address option if the interface has its link-layer address.


Autodetects all outgoing ipv6 interfaces. rtsold will try to find all non-loopback, non-p2p and IPv6-capable interfaces. If rtsold finds multiple interfaces, it will send out probes on all of them.

Enables debugging.

Enables more debugging including printing internal timer information.

Performs only one probe. Transmits Router Solicitation packet until valid Router Advertisement packet arrives at all the interfaces more than once, and then exit.

Dumps output to /rtsold.dump

Kills rtsold daemon.

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