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software - Installs or upgrades Data ONTAP.


software get URL [ -f ] [ dest ]

software list

software delete software_file1 software_file2 ... software_fileN

software install { software_file | URL [ -f ] [ dest ] }

software update { software_file | URL [ -f ] [ -r | -R ] [ -d ] [ dest ] }


The software command is used to fetch, manage and install software packages. The software command can be used with image.tgz setup.exe and .zip Data ONTAP software packages.


software get URL [ -f ] [ dest ]

The get sub-command fetches a file from an HTTP or HTTPS URL and saves the file on the storage controller. The command takes a URL of the format

or https://[username[:password]@]host:port/path. The -f option can be used to overwrite the destination file if it already exists. By default, the file is saved with the file name found in the URL, but a different destination file name can be provided with the dest parameter.

software list

The list sub-command displays the software packages stored in the /etc/software directory of the root volume.

software delete software_file1 software_file2 ... software_fileN

The delete sub-command will delete the specified software package from the /etc/software directory of the root volume.

software install software_file
software install URL [ -f ] [ dest ]

The install sub-command is deprecated. Use the software update command.

software update software_file [ -r | -R ] [ -d ] software update URL [ -f ] [ -r | -R ] [ -d ] [ dest ]

The update sub-command installs a local software package file, or fetches and installs a software package from the specified URL. As part of the installation process the download command will be executed automatically, followed by an optional reboot. The URL and dest parameters are the same as described in the get sub-command.

forces an overwrite of the destination file when installing from URL

disables automatic installation (download)

disables automatic reboot

requests an automatic reboot

The -d option implies the -r option. If download did not occur, then the storage controller should not be rebooted. The -r option to inhibit automatic reboot has become the default behavior. Use the -R option to restore the old behavior.


Command executed successfully.

Command failed to execute.

An error in command syntax occurred.

Bad arguments were passed to the command.


na_download(1), na_reboot(1)

Table of Contents