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na_sp - Commands for use with a Service Processor (SP)


sp help

sp reboot

sp setup

sp status

sp test autosupport

sp test snmp

sp update

sp update-status


The sp commands have been deprecated in favor of the system node service-processor commands. Please refer to the man page for the system node service-processor commands for details.

The sp command is used with a Service Processor (SP), if one is present. Using this command, you may get the status of a SP and test a SP. Configuration of a SP can be performed by using the setup command.


Display a list of Service Processor (SP) commands.

Causes the SP to reboot. If your console connection is through the SP it will be dropped. The reboot command forces a Service Processor (SP) to reset itself and perform a self-test.

Interactively configure networking for the Service Processor (SP).

Display the current status of a Service Processor (SP).

test autosupport Performs autosupport test on the Service Processor (SP). The autosupport test forces the Service Processor (SP) to send a test autosupport to all email addresses in the option list

test snmp
Performs snmp test on the Service Processor (SP). The snmp test forces the Service Processor (SP) to send a test snmp trap to all traphosts shown by the command snmp traphost.

The SP firmware is updated. This may be a time consuming operation. Before issuing this command, you need to execute the `software install' command to get the new firmware image. The SP will be rebooted at the end of this operation.

Displays the status of an SP update. The information includes whether an SP update is currently in progress, the completion percentage, and the start and end time for the update.


This command only acts upon a Service Processor (SP) that is local to the system.


sp status

might produce:

                 Service Processor           Status: Online
                         Firmware Version:   1.0
                         Mgmt MAC Address:   00:A0:98:13:9C:22
                         Ethernet Link:      up
                         Using DHCP:         yes
                 IPv4 configuration:
                         IP Address:


na_sp(1), na_setup(1), na_snmp(1), na_options(1), na_system_node_service-processor(1)


Some of these commands might pause before completing while the Service Processor (SP) is queried. This is normal behavior.

Table of Contents