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na_timezone - Sets and obtains the local timezone.


timezone [ name | -v ]


timezone sets the system timezone and saves the setting for use on subsequent boots. The argument name specifies the timezone to use. See the Software Setup Guide for a complete list of time zone names. If no argument is supplied, the current time zone name is printed. If -v is specified, the version of the zoneinfo files is printed in the format YYYYv, where YYYY is the year and v is the version, for example 2007a. This version can be compared to the version at for currency.

Each timezone is described by a file that is kept in the /etc/zoneinfo directory on the node. The name argument is actually the name of the file under /etc/zoneinfo that describes the timezone to use. For instance, the name "America/Los_Angeles" refers to the timezone file /etc/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles. These files are in standard ``Arthur Olson'' timezone file format, as used on many flavors of UNIX (SunOS 4.x and later, 4.4BSD, System V Release 4 and later, and others).

GMT+13 is to allow DST for timezone GMT+12.


directory of time zone information files


In partner mode, you can use the timezone command without arguments to display the current time zone. However, you cannot use the timezone command to change the time zone.


na_partner(1), na_zoneinfo(5).

Table of Contents