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na_vmservices - services for Data ONTAP running in a virtual machine


vmservices vsphere credential show

vmservices vsphere credential check

vmservices vsphere credential modify [-server server] [-username user] [-password passwd]


The vmservices vsphere credential show command displays the current vSphere authentication info (except the password). This consists of the vSphere server and username. vSphere authentication info is required for ``sysconfig -p'' to be able to gather information about the physical host machine.

The vmservices vsphere credential check command attempts to verify the current vSphere authentication info with the vSphere host, indicating either success or a reason for failure.

Finally, the vmservices vsphere credential modify command is used to set the vSphere credentials: server, username, and password. The server identifies the vSphere server (either a vCenter server or an ESX host) controlling this virtual machine. It can be either an IP address or (if name resolution enabled) a hostname. The username identifies a vSphere user (only ``read-only'' permissions required), and password is their password. If username is specified without password we will prompt for password without echoing. The password prompt is unavailable when using rsh.



Table of Contents