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na_cifs_homedir.cfg - configuration file for CIFS home directories




The configuration file /etc/cifs_homedir.cfg is used to configure home directory paths for users which access the node using the CIFS network protocol.


This is a sample /etc/cifs_homedir.cfg file with one CIFS home directory path. The node will look for a CIFS home directory for user "Bill" by appending the user's name to the path. From the example below, the node will provide user "Bill" a CIFS home directory at /vol/userVol/users/Bill if that directory exists.
  # This file contains the path(s) used by the node to determine if a
  # CIFS user has a home directory. See the System Administrator's Guide
  # for a full description of this file and a full description of the
  # CIFS homedir feature.
  # There is a limit to the number of paths that may be specified.
  # Currently that limit is 1000.
  # Paths must be entered one per line.
  # After editing this file, use the console command "cifs homedir load"
  # to make the node process the entries in this file.
  # Note that the "#" character is valid in a CIFS directory name.
  # Therefore the "#" character is only treated as a comment in this
  # file if it is in the first column.
  # Two example path entries are given below.
  # /vol/vol0/users1
  # /vol/vol1/users2
  # Actual path entries follow this line.


Any changes take effect after running the `cifs homedir load' command.


Changes are persistent across system reboots.





Table of Contents