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na_dgateways - Default gateways list




The use of /etc/dgateways file has been deprecated. Either add a static default gateway in /etc/rc or enable router discovery in routed to discover multiple default gateways.

The /etc/dgateways file is used by the old routed command to construct a set of potential default gateways. The file comprises a series of lines, each in the following format:

gateway metric

gateway is the name or address of a gateway to be used as a potential default gateway.

metric is a metric indicating the preference weighting of the gateway. 1 is the value to use for highest preference, 15 for the least. If no value is specified, metric will default to the value 1.

There can be a maximum of 128 valid entries in the /etc/dgateways file - additional ones will be ignored, with an error message being displayed. Duplicate gateway names or addresses are not allowed - only the first one encountered in the file will be added by routed to the default gateway table, and the additional ones will produce error messages.


Here are typical lines from the /etc/dgateways file:
  main_router    1
  backup_router  2


na_routed(1), na_rc(5),


The use of /etc/dgateways file has been deprecated.

Table of Contents