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na_httpd.hostprefixes - configuration of HTTP root directories for virtual hosts




The httpd.hostprefixes file maps virtual hosts used in HTTP to corresponding root directories. The same configuration file is used for both IP virtual hosts (defined by the IP address used for connecting to the server) and HTTP virtual hosts (defined by the Host: header used in HTTP requests).

Each virtual host has a corresponding subdirectory within the directory specified by the option httpd.rootdir. This subdirectory is called the virtual host root directory. Clients connected to a virtual host can only access files within the virtual host root directory.

In the httpd.hostprefixes file, each line consists of a virtual host root directory followed by the names and IP addresses of a virtual host. If you specify an IP address, the virtual host root directory is associated with the given virtual host for IP-level virtual hosting. If you specify a name, the virtual host root directory is associated with the virtual host with that name, using HTTP-level virtual hosting. If the node can resolve that name to an IP address, which is used for an IP-level host alias (see the alias option in na_ifconfig(1)), the node uses that IP address in the same way as it would if you specified the IP address in the httpd.hostprefixes file.

If the /etc/httpd.hostprefixes file is edited, it is read again by the HTTP server after the changes are saved.


1. Enable httpd.enable and set HTTP Root directory httpd.rootdir

2. Configure network interface with HTTP Virtual Host Addresses. For example, to add the as HTTP Virtual Host address to the network interface e0a, enter the following command:

  toaster> ifconfig e0a alias

NOTE: In Data ONTAP 7.3 and later releases, VH interface is no longer supported for HTTP Virtual Hosting.

3. Edit /etc/httpd.hostprefixes file and map the Virtual Host addresses to respective subdirectories within the directory specified by the option httpd.rootdir. For example, to map the Virtual Host address specified in Step 2 above to the httpdir1 subdirectory within httpd.rootdir, add the following entry to the /etc/httpd.hostprefixes file:


4. Test HTTP virtual host setup by sending HTTP request to the Virtual Host address added and mapped in Step 2 and 3 above.


This example maps requests sent to to the customer1 subdirectory of httpd.rootdir and requests directed at a host with IP address to the subdirectory customer2.


If the command

  toaster> ifconfig e0a alias

had been issued before the configuration file was read, requests destined for the IP address of would also be mapped to the /customer1 subdirectory, regardless any the Host: header they included.


Any changes take effect within 5 minutes


Changes are persistent across system reboots.


na_ifconfig(1), na_options(1)

Table of Contents