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na_httpd.translations - URL translations to be applied to incoming HTTP requests




The HTTP daemon supports four URL translation rules to filter incoming HTTP requests. The HTTP daemon applies each rule in succession, stopping at the first successful Redirect, Pass, or Fail rule:

Map template result
Any request which matches template is replaced with the result string given.

Redirect template result
Any request which matches template is redirected to the result URL. Note that this must be a full URL, e.g., beginning with "http:".

Pass template [ result ]
Any request which matches template is granted access, and no further rule processing occurs. An optional result can be used in place of the matching URL.

Fail template
Any request which matches template is denied access. Rule processing stops after a matched Fail.

Both templates and results may contain wildcards (a star "*" character). The wildcard behaves like a shell wildcard in the template string, matching zero or more characters, including the slash ("/") character. In the result string, a wildcard causes text from the corresponding match in the template string to be inserted into the result.


This example redirects CGI queries to cgi-host, prevents accesses to /usr/forbidden, and maps requests for images to a local image directory:

# Example URL translations
Redirect /cgi-bin/* http://cgi-host/*
Fail /usr/forbidden/*
Map /image-bin/* /usr/local/http/images/*


Any changes take effect within 5 minutes


Changes are persistent across system reboots.

Table of Contents