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na_nsswitch.conf - Configuration file for name service switch




The name service switch configuration file contains the preferred order in which name services will be contacted for name resolution by the node. For each map, the name services to be used and the lookup order is specified in this file. Currently four name services are supported. They are local files in the /etc directory, NIS, LDAP, and DNS. The maps or "databases" that are supported are hosts, passwd, shadows, group, and netgroups (LDAP is currently supported in the passwd, group, and netgroups map). Each line has the form:

map: order of name services

For example:

hosts: files nis dns ldap
passwd: files nis ldap

When trying to resolve a name, the services are contacted one by one, as per the order specified, until the name is successfully resolved. A name resolution failure occurs when no service can successfully resolve the name. When enumerating a map, enumeration happens over all the services specified for the map.





Table of Contents