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na_qual_devices - Table of qualified disk and tape devices




The qual_devices file names storage devices qualified for use with Data ONTAP. This is a read-only file and must not be modified.

Disk and tape drives listed in this file are qualified for use with a Data ONTAP system. This file is read by the dynamic qualification process which is invoked to authenticate devices not listed in the internal tables of a particular Data ONTAP release. The dynamic qualification process may be invoked at system startup, controller takeover, or when a new device is detected.


Do not modify or remove this file. However, it may be replaced with an updated version containing identification data for additionally qualified devices supplied by NetApp Inc.


Each line in the file contains identification strings for a qualified device.


A qualification error will occur when Data ONTAP is unable to locate identification information for one or more storage devices detected by the system. To resolve qualification errors, verify the existence of /etc/qual_devices and ensure it represents the latest version available from NetApp Inc. Periodic console messages will be generated when a qualification error is present. All qualification errors MUST be resolved for continued system operation.

Table of Contents