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na_serialnum - System serial number file




The file /etc/serialnum should contain the serial number of your machine.

If /etc/serialnum does not exist, it is an indication that your machine could not obtain the serial number from the hardware. In this case you need to enter the serial number manually. The serial number is found on the back of the machine in the lower right hand corner. You should see a tag that says:

NetApp SN: xxxx

Use a text editor to create /etc/serialnum and put the machine's serial number in it. The file should contain a single line that only has the serial number. The file is used to help NetApp's customer service group process your AutoSupport email more efficiently.




A warning is issued to the console if /etc/serialnum contains a different value other than the hardware serial number in which case it is automatically overwritten with the hardware serial number. Also if the hardware serial number and /etc/serialnum do not exist, then a warning is issued to the console.

Table of Contents