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tape_config - Directory of tape drive configuration files




The tape_config directory contains NetApp-approved tape configuration files. These files allow Data ONTAP to recognize a tape drive and to properly set its various parameters without the tape drive parameters being built into Data ONTAP. Only NetApp-approved tape configuration files should be placed into the tape_config directory.

The tape_config directory of the latest release of Data ONTAP contains tape configuration files for tape drives that are configured exclusively with tape configuration files. Other approved files may be added to the directory by the user as tape qualifications are completed by NetApp Inc and configuration files become available.

All NetApp-approved tape configuration files may be found at To use configuration files shown in this page -- if your version of Data ONTAP does not already support the tape drive(s) -- first verify that the configuration file is approved for your version of Data ONTAP. Then copy the desired file(s) to the /etc/tape_config directory. The file(s) may be renamed if necessary. When an attached tape drive is accessed, Data ONTAP detects the presence of files in the directory and install the parameters for the tape drive.


na_storage(1), na_cloned_tapes(5)


External tape configuration files do not override built-in tape drive parameters. If the tape drive is already supported by Data ONTAP, remove the corresponding tape configuration file.

If a tape drive is represented in tape_config directory, remove any reference from the /etc/cloned_tapes file that attempts to cause the drive to use the parameters of another drive.

The command storage show tape supported displays all tape drives that are currently supported directly within Data ONTAP. If any tape drives are connected to the system, the command will also any show tape drives specified by tape configuration files.

Table of Contents