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na_cifs - summary of cifs commands


Command Summary

This is a list of the subcommands of the cifs command.

cifs access
Modifies share-level Access Control List (ACL) entries.

cifs audit
Configures CIFS auditing.

cifs branchcache Display CIFS BranchCache statistics and set BranchCache server secret key.

cifs broadcast
Display a message on user workstations.

cifs changefilerpwd
Schedules a domain password change for the node.

cifs comment
Displays/modifies the CIFS server description.

cifs help
Display a list of CIFS commands.

cifs homedir
Manage CIFS home directory paths.

cifs lookup
Translates user/group names into SIDs, and vice versa.

cifs gpresult
Displays the resultant set of group policy for this node.

cifs gpupdate
Refreshes group policy settings.

cifs nbalias
Manage CIFS NetBIOS aliases.

cifs restart
Restarts CIFS or reactivates CIFS service for a single volume if either has been shut down with cifs terminate.

cifs sessions
Displays current configuration and current connections.

cifs setup
Configures CIFS service.

cifs shares
Displays/modifies the CIFS exports.

cifs stat
Displays operational statistics.

cifs terminate
Shuts down CIFS, ends CIFS service for a volume, or logs off a single station.

cifs testdc
Tests the node's connection to domain controllers.

cifs adupdate
Updates the node's account information on the Active Directory server.


When run from a vfiler context, (e.g. via the vfiler run command), cifs operates on the concerned vfiler.


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Table of Contents