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na_file - Manages individual files.



file fingerprint [-a {md5 | sha-256}] [-m] [-d] [-x] <path>

file reservation <path> [ enable | disable ]


The file command is used for special options and features on files.


The following commands are available under file:

  fingerprint    reservation

file fingerprint [-a {md5 | sha-256}] [-m] [-d] [-x] <path>

fingerprint subcommand generates fingerprint of the file specified in path. Fingerprint is calculated using either md5 or sha-256 message digest algorithm.

Fingerprint is calculated over the file data or metadata or over both data and metadata.

Data fingerprint is calculated over file contents. Metadata fingerprint is calculated over the selected attributes of the file. Attributes used for metadata fingerprint calculations are file type (file-type), file size (file-size), file crtime (creation-time), file mtime (modified-time), file ctime (changed-time), file retention time (retention-time, is-wraparound), file uid (ownerid), file gid (group-id). File retention time is applicable to worm protected files only. Fingerprints are base64 encoded.

[-a] selects digest algorithm used for fingerprint computation. Possible values are sha-256 or md5. Default value is sha-256.

[-m] selects metadata scope for fingerprint computation.

[-d] selects data scope for fingerprint computation.

By default fingerprint is calculated over both data and metadata.

[-x] displays detailed information in XML format about file on which fingerprint is computed, volume of the file and storage system on which file resides.

path is the file path.

file reservation <path>

The reservation subcommand can be used to query the space reservation settings for the named file, or to modify those settings. With no further modifiers, the command will report the current setting of the space reservation flag for a file. This tells whether or not space is reserved to fill holes in the file and to overwrite existing portions of the file that are also stored in a snapshot. Specifying enable or disable will turn the reservation setting on or off accordingly for the file.

For symlinks, the link is followed and the command operates on the link target.


file fingerprint -a md5 -m -d /vol/vol_worm/myfile

Calculate fingerprint for file /vol/vol_worm/myfile for both data and metadata using md5 hash algorithm.


na_qtree(1), na_vol(1),

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