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na_fsecurity_show - Displays the security settings on files and directories


fsecurity show [-v <volume>|-s <share>] <path> [<options>]

fsecurity show -v <volume> -i <inum> [<options>]


The fsecurity show command displays the full security information related to the target file or directory. Paths to volumes and qtrees (which are represented in the file system by directories) may be specified as well. When specifying the path, wildcards may be used to list security for the contents of a directory.

The Security style contains the security style of the qtree that the file or directory resides in. The Effective style will vary in Mixed qtree styles depending on which security style is currently active on the object.


-c = Includes security descriptor control information in the results if an NTFS security descriptor is present on the object

= Includes directories within the results when using a wildcard to list the security for the contents of a directory

= Disables all name lookup attempts when displaying security information, which may be helpful when those services are unavailable

= Expands values such as the DOS attributes and ACE access masks to better describe their contents


  toaster> fsecurity show /vol/vol0
  [/vol/vol0 - Directory (inum 64)]
    Security style: NTFS
    Effective style: NTFS

    DOS attributes: 0x0030 (---AD---)

    Unix security:
      uid: 0 (root)
      gid: 0 (daemon)
      mode: 0777 (rwxrwxrwx)

    NTFS security descriptor:
      Owner: BUILTIN\Administrators
      Group: BUILTIN\Administrators
        Allow - Everyone - 0x001f01ff (Full Control)
        Allow - Everyone - 0x10000000 - OI|CI|IO

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