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na_fsecurity_status - Displays the status of outstanding fsecurity jobs


fsecurity status [<job id>]


The fsecurity status command displays the current status of any outstanding fsecurity jobs as well as the completion status of the previous 15 jobs. If a job id is specified, more detailed status of that particular job will be displayed.


  toaster> fsecurity status
   [Active jobs]
    Job  Status   Current  Total  Type   Subtype  Mode       Path
    1002 Working  2        2      NTFS   Normal   Propagate  /vol/vol0/secure
    1003          -        -      -      -        -          -

   [History - Previous 15 jobs]
    Job  Status   Tasks Definition
    1001 Success  1     /vol/vol0/templates/security-base.conf

  toaster> fsecurity status 1002
   [Status - Job 1002]
    Overall Status: Working
    Definition: /vol/vol0/templates/secure_ntfs.conf
    Task  Status   Type   Subtype  Mode       Path
    1     Success  NTFS   Normal   Propagate  /vol/vol0/ntfs
    2     Working  NTFS   Normal   Propagate  /vol/vol0/secure

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