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na_ipspace - ipspace operations


ipspace create ipspacename [ interface-list ]

ipspace destroy ipspacename

ipspace assign ipspacename interfacename

ipspace list

ipspace help


The ipspace command controls the configuration of Multiple IP Address Spaces (ipspaces) on a node.

The ipspace command is available only if your node has the vfiler license.


create ipspacename [ interface-list ]
Creates the named ipspace. The named ipspace must not already be defined on the system. The default-ipspace always exists on a node. Interfaces in the optional interface-list are assigned to the newly created ipspace as with ipspace assign.

delete ipspacename
Deletes the named ipspace. The named ipspace must not contain any vfilers and must not contain any interfaces. The default-ipspace cannot be destroyed.

assign ipspacename interface-list
Assigns the named interface(s) to the named ipspace. The named interface(s) must not be configured with any addresses. Trunked interfaces and base VLAN interfaces cannot have their ipspace reassigned. All interfaces start off by being in the default-ipspace.

List all defined ipspaces and the interfaces that each contains.


The names of ipspaces have the same meaning on both systems in an HA pair. Thus both partners in an HA pair should have the same ipspace configuration (at least for those ipspaces that are being used). For takeover of a network interface to be successful, an interface and its partner interface must both be in the same ipspace.



Table of Contents