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na_l2ping - sends IEEE802.1ag CFM LBx packets to network hosts.


l2ping [ -d ] [ -h ] -i interface [ -l md_level ] [ -v vlan ] [ -c count ] destination_mac


The l2ping is a layer 2 ping utility which uses the IEEE802.1ag CFM LBM/LBR protocol. It sends a unicast CFM LBM packet to elicit a CFM LBR response from the destination. If count option is provided, the CFM LBM packet will be sent every 100ms for count times. l2ping prints the summary of the tx/rx statistics after the getting the response or time out occurs. l2ping does not invoke IP and above protocols. This is true even with vlan option. It does not rely on the Ontap vlan interface. Instead, it composes the vlan packet and directly passes it to the physical interface. l2ping can be used to check link level and below health. For example, if the normal ping command to the remote host fails, and the l2ping command succeeds, it indicates that the ethernet driver and physical connection, including the switch, cable connection are OK. The problem could happen in IP/ICMP and above.


The -h option provides the help menu for the command:

l2ping -h

  Usage: l2ping [options] mac_addr
          -d             Debug
          -h             Help
          -i  Network interface
          -l   Maintenance domain level
          -v       Vlan ID
          -c      Count
Here is an example for l2ping through the e0c interface to the destination mac 00:1b:21:6b:d9:68:

l2ping -i e0c -c 10 00:1b:21:6b:d9:68

  10 packets transmitted, 10 received, 0% loss
The following command displays a l2ping from e0c interface to the destination mac 00:07:43:06:24:6f via vlan 100. Note that the -d option is on for debugging, and the l2ping is tried 3 times since the count is 3.

l2ping -d -i e0c -c 3 -v 100 00:a0:98:0b:9f:5f

  l2ping destination: 00:07:43:06:24:6f.
  l2ping through e0c (MAC addr 0x00A09820D0D3)
  64 bytes from 0x00074306246F, sequence 0, time 0.138 ms
  64 bytes from 0x00074306246F, sequence 1, time 0.108 ms
  64 bytes from 0x00074306246F, sequence 2, time 0.110 ms
  3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% loss
  round-trip min/avg/max = 0.108/0.118/0.138 ms


na_ping (1) na_ifstat (1)

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