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na_license - License Data ONTAP features and packages.



license add [ -license-code ] <License Key V2> ...

license delete [ -package ] <Package Name> ...

license show [ -instance ] [ [ -package ] <Package Name> ] [ -expiration <text> ] [ -description <text> ] [ -type [ license | site | demo ] ] [ -legacy [ yes | no ] ] [ -customer-id <text> ]


The license command enables you to add new version 2 (V2) license keys for specific Data ONTAP features or packages. The V2 keys are either 28 or 42 characters in length. The previous (V1) keys (7 characters) are no longer supported and cannot be added to the system. The existing V1 keys were converted to their V2 equivalents on upgrade.

With no arguments, the license command is the equivalent of license show.

The storage system is shipped with license keys for all purchased features and packages, so you need to enter the license command only after you have purchased a new feature/package or if you reinstall the file system.

To install a license, use "license add <License Key V2>".

To remove a license, use "license delete <Package Name>".

All license keys are case-insensitive, as are the <Package Name> parameters to the "license delete" command.


The following example enables NFS:

node> license add abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzab

  license add: successfully added license key "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAB"

The following examples show the two forms the display output:

node> license show

  Serial Number: 123456
  Owner: toaster
  Package           Type    Description           Expiration
  ----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------
  NFS               demo    NFS License           6/2/2014 08:00:00
  CIFS              site    CIFS License          -
  iSCSI             demo    iSCSI License         6/2/2014 08:00:00
  FCP               demo    FCP License           3/12/2012 08:00:00
  CDMI              demo    CDMI License          6/2/2014 08:00:00
  SnapMirror        site    SnapMirror License    -
  FlexClone         site    FlexClone License     -
  SnapVault         license SnapVault License     -
  SnapLock          site    SnapLock License      -

node> license show -instance

    Serial Number: 123456
          Package: NFS
            Owner: toaster
  Expiration Date: 6/2/2014 08:00:00
      Description: NFS License
             Type: demo
           Legacy: no
      Customer ID: none

The following example shows how to delete the CIFS license:

node> license delete cifs

  license delete: successfully deleted "cifs".


You must enable the licenses for the same Data ONTAP features/packages on both nodes of an HA pair. During takeover only the host system licenses are in use and the license add and license delete commands will not be available in the partner context.


The command completed successfully.

The command failed due to unusual circumstances.

There was a syntax error in the command.

There was an invalid argument provided.

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