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revert_to - Reverts file system to a previous release.


revert_to version


The revert_to command prepares the file system for reverting to a previous release of Data ONTAP.

The revert_to command is specific to Data ONTAP release families; the Data ONTAP 8.2 version of revert_to can only be used to go back to 8.1 target release, not for any earlier release.

The revert_to command performs these steps:

(1) Revert the /etc/exports file to an older version.

(2) Revert inodes for each volume.

(3) Write an older version of the RAID disk labels for each disk.

(4) Removes the registry entry that enables NDMP after the node reboots. Note: After the reversion, if you want NDMP to be enabled each time a node reboots, put the ndmpd on command in the /etc/rc file.

(5) Halts the node.


-s: Skips the configuration checks on MLM devices and LUNs during revert.

-d: Bypass check for backlog of asynchronous deletes.


Before issuing the revert_to from Data ONTAP 8.2 to Data ONTAP 8.1, the node must meet several conditions. In general, these involve taking the node out of active use and disabling features. The revert_to command will not proceed until the following conditions are met:

         All volumes and aggregates must be online; or, offline volumes and
         aggregates must be destroyed.

         Any unsaved core must be recovered or released by savecore.

         WAFL iron must be run on all aggregates that contain bad blocks.

         All disks must be online.

         All SnapMirror relationships must be broken.

         All Flash Pools and advanced_zoned checksum aggregates must be offlined or destroyed.

         All 4096 or 4160 bps disks must be removed.

         The following must be disabled:

                SnapMirror/SnapVault on all volumes
                Storage failover

         The following operations must not be running:
                Dump or restore
                RAID scrubs
                RAID optimized reconstructions
                RAID assimilation
                RAID disk sanitization
                WAFL iron
                Inode file upgrade
                Disk maintenance center testing
                Disk failure processing


To revert a node from Data ONTAP 8.2 to a previous release, enter:

revert_to 8.1

For c-mode system, after mhost revert, enter:

revert_to 8.1c


na_aggr(1), na_cf(1), na_cifs(1), na_cifs_terminate(1), na_dump(1), na_httpstat(1), na_ifconfig(1), na_ndmpd(1), na_nfs(1), na_restore(1), na_setup(1), na_snapmirror(1), na_sysstat(1), na_vol(1), na_rc(5), na_snap(1)

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