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na_ucadmin - Commands for managing Fibre Channel and converged networking adapters


ucadmin command argument ...


The ucadmin command manages Fibre Channel and converged networking adapters used by the storage subsystem. Use the command to show the capabilities of adapters or to configure the personality mode and FC-4 type of adapters.


ucadmin show [ -c ] [ adapter ]

Displays the current and pending configuration of the adapters in the system. When no arguments are given, the command will return configuration information for all manageable adapters.

The -c option displays the capabilities of the adapters in the system.

The adapter argument is of the form Xy where X is an integer and y is a letter (for example 4a).

ucadmin help sub_command

Displays the help information for the given sub_command.

ucadmin modify [ -m mode ] [ -t type ] [ -f ] adapter

Changes the adapter configuration. The mode value refers to the personality mode of the adapter and can be fc or cna. The type value refers to the FC-4 type of the adapter and can be initiator or target. The -f option suppresses confirmation prompts. Any changes to the adapter mode or type will require a reboot for the changes to take effect. The adapter must also be offline before any changes can be made. When the adapter type is initiator, use the storage disable adapter command to bring the adapter offline. When the adapter type is target, use the fcp config command to bring the adapter offline.


Automatic Reconfiguration
Under some circumstances, the node may boot with the wrong mode and FC-4 type. When this happens, the configurable adapters are reprogrammed to their proper mode and type and the node is automatically rebooted. Before rebooting, the ucm.mode.autoReboot or fci.config.autoReboot EMS message displays on the console. Events that can cause this problem include maintenance head swaps , use of the console set-defaults command, and other operations that affect the node's boot environment state.

Repair When Data ONTAP is fully initialized and running, configuring an adapter with the ucadmin command records the adapter configuration is stored in two places. Mode information is stored primarily on the adapter's onboard flash with a backup on-disk in the node's root volume. FC-4 type information is stored in the node's boot environment with a backup on-disk in the node's root volume. Following a console set-defaults operation, a maintenance head swap or other event that destroys the boot environment state, you might need to use the ucadmin command in Maintenance Mode to restore the storage adapter (initiator type) as some adapters will default into target mode. After the node's root volume comes online, the boot environment configuration is checked against the on-disk configuration information. If a misconfiguration is detected, the boot environment information is restored and the node automatically reboots to attach the correct drivers and restore the original configuration. This provides consistency between maintenance head swaps and other events which destroy the boot environment.

Maintenance Mode Operation
You can use the ucadmin command while in Maintenance Mode. After changing the adapter configuration in Maintenance Mode, a reboot is required for the change to take effect. When running from Maintenance Mode, no on-disk configuration information can be stored because the node's root volume is unavailable. To account for this, the ucadmin command indicates that the boot environment configuration needs to be recorded ondisk during a subsequent reboot. After changing the adapter configuration in Maintenance Mode, the boot environment configuration becomes canonical. Otherwise, the on-disk configuration is canonical.

New Installations
Following a new installation of Data ONTAP, the ondisk configuration information is undefined. When this condition is encountered, the boot environment configuration becomes canonical and the on-disk configuration is programmed to match the existing boot environment configuration. In this way, the adapter configuration is preserved across new installations. To modify this behavior you must perform a console set-defaults operation, and/or use the ucadmin command in Maintenance Mode to change the configuration, prior to installing Data ONTAP.


Use of ucadmin during takeover:
After a takeover occurs, you cannot use the ucadmin command to display or change the adapter mode and type for the partner. If you need to make a change on the partner node that was taken over, the partner node should be booted into Maintenance Mode.

Maintenance head swaps in a CFO:

During a maintenance head swap procedure in a CFO, if the adapter mode and type do not match what was originally set, Data ONTAP will attempt to automatically restore them before allowing the giveback to occur. In the event that the adapters are not automatically reconfigured, boot the new head into Maintenance Mode prior to doing the first giveback. Use the ucadmin command to restore the adapter configuration manually. This will avoid any service disruptions. For more information about Maintenance Mode operation, see na_floppyboot(1).


na_fcadmin(1), na_fcp(1), na_storage(1), na_sysconfig(1), na_floppyboot(1),

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