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na_httpd.mimetypes - map of file suffixes to MIME ContentType




For HTTP/1.0 and higher protocols, a MIME header is returned in the reply of every GET request. This header includes a "Content-Type" field, whose contents is determined by examining the suffix of the file being transmitted.

The /etc/httpd.mimetypes file contains the mapping of filename suffixes to MIME Content-Type. The format of each line is: suffix, Content-Type. Comments are introduced with a "#".

The node is not shipped with the /etc/httpd.mimetypes file. Instead, the node's system files include a sample file named /etc/httpd.mimetypes.sample. Before you start using HTTP, make a copy of /etc/httpd.mimetypes.sample and name the copy /etc/httpd.mimetypes.

If the file /etc/httpd.mimetypes is not installed, the HTTP server looks for the file /etc/httpd.mimetypes.sample as a fallback.


# map .ps files to PostScript type:
ps application/postscript


Any changes take effect within 5 minutes


Changes are persistent across system reboots.

Table of Contents